Do you want to win a free GoPro Hero 4 Silver?

The Global GoPro Video Project is all about encouraging students to document their amazing experiences abroad.  We also want your help to create authentic and engaging videos for the next generation of study away students.

If you’re selected for the project you will receive a GoPro Hero 4 Silver which is yours to keep and use how you see fit, no strings attached. But to make the next great study abroad video we’re asking participants to donate footage from their semester away for our global video assistants to edit into exciting representations of the NYU study away experience. Camera recipients also have the option of editing the footage themselves and sharing the videos with Global Programs.

This is a fun opportunity for any student interested in visual storytelling and social media. Fill out the Global GoPro Video Project application today for your chance to start your semester away with a brand new GoPro camera.

Deadline:  December 9