Academic Excursions at NYU Madrid

As you prepare for your semester in Madrid, keep in mind that NYU Madrid organizes several unique day and weekend trips to introduce you to Spanish culture. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore other parts of the country.

These exciting trips are at no additional cost to you! Many of you may also be enrolled in an academic course that will have some of these excursions as a core component of your class! Visit our Excursions Page to learn more about each excursion along with student feedback about the trips.

Dates for each excursion are below:

January 28   – Day trip to Segovia (mandatory orientation excursion for all students)

February 4   – Day trip to El Escorial (mandatory orientation excursion for all students)

February 24 – 25 – Academic Trip Option A: Córdoba (Mandatory for Islam & Spain course students)

March 11 – 12 – Academic Trip Option B: Bilbao & La Rioja

March 17 – 18 – Academic Trip Option C: Barcelona (only  for students in the Art and Social Movements in Spain course)

March 25 – 26 – Academic Trip Option D: Salamanca & Ávila

April 21 – Day Trip to Toledo