Meet NYU Madrid Global Peer Mentor, Christian!

Throughout the semester, you will have the opportunity to hear from NYU Madrid alumni to gain their firsthand insight and tips.

Today, meet Christian, who studied in Madrid in Spring 2016.


Major: Sports Management

What is your favorite memory about your time abroad? I enjoyed campus life. It was a very intimate experience to go to class in a small community, and to really get to know everyone in the program. We became good friends, and I continue to be in touch with a lot of the people in the program.

What was the most interesting course you took and why? The most interesting course was Madrid Stories, the documentary filmmaking course where we spent the semester working on a full 5-7 minute documentary. I learned so many new skills which I never had before, but also taught me a lot about the culture by having me explore the city constantly.

What is something you were glad you packed?  Something I was grateful I packed was a journal. Taking the time to write down what happened everyday & give a compliment to my pictures was a great asset and worth the time.

Name two things you should not have packed.  Heavy winter clothing – it doesn’t get too cold in Madrid, so you don’t need that winter parka like in New York. Everyday toiletries – if you’re not wedded to that one brand of shampoo or body wash, just buy that and leave room for the necessities on the flight over.

What do you miss most? Spending my weekends either filming or watching a game at the Vicente Calderón.

One good way to get to know locals is: Going to sporting events was a great way to meet locals. You could hang out around the stadium, not even go to the match inside, but still meet plenty of people & hear plenty of stories.

If there’s one thing students should know about Madrid, it is: Tranquilo. Madrid is calm. It is a major city, but it is very easy to relax and enjoy some tapas for hours with no rush. After New York, Madrid is a great change of pace. Being able to slow down and not have to rush every day.

If you could go back in time and do one thing differently, what would it be? Take the bus more often and to random places. As efficient as the train can be, you really do get to see the city riding the bus around. And it comes with the price of the abono (the monthly metro pass) in Spain, so there is no reason not to.