Health Insurance FAQ

Does NYU Provide International Health Insurance?

Yes, NYU provides all students studying away on an NYU Global Program with GeoBlue International Insurance.  You will receive an email prior to departure. It is important that you take the time to read all of the information in this email. Before you depart, you will need to activate your access to the tools and information provided for you on GeoBlue’s website. You must also print your health insurance ID card from the site before you go. This is very important, as this card is your proof of coverage.  NYU Shanghai international students will remain on the NYU Shanghai Global Plan.

Do I need to maintain my home insurance? 

You MUST maintain your domestic health insurance when studying away with NYU. The International Health Insurance provided by NYU covers you ONLY outside the U.S. while participating in the program, so if for any reason you needed to go home for care you want to make sure there are no gaps in your coverage.

What kind of coverage does the NYU International Insurance provide?

For the details of the GeoBlue plan, including medical evacuation, please see here.

I thought GeoBlue was free of charge. Why am I seeing a charge for Health Insurance on my bill?

There is NO charge for the GeoBlue International Health Insurance coverage we supply to ALL students attending an NYU Study Away program.  If you see a charge for Health Insurance on your bill, this is for the NYU Health Insurance here in the U.S. (remember, GeoBlue covers you ONLY outside the U.S.).

Provided that you are still covered in the U.S. under a parent’s insurance plan (you must maintain domestic coverage), you can waive the NYU insurance plan. To waive coverage online, simply follow the steps here.