Start Here!

This page is designed to give you a quick overview of the blog structure and its functionality.  The blog is a one-stop-shop site where you will receive all information necessary to successfully prepare for your semester away.  You are responsible for all information posted.  Please start here and watch the below video so you understand how to best navigate the blog.

If you prefer to read through the information covered in the video, a PDF version can be found here.

Lastly, as you get ready for your semester abroad with NYU you’ll receive all sorts of communication from our office and possibly other NYU offices. To make sure we are all on the same page I thought it would be good to point out some of the frequently used terminology of the university.

NYU Terminology

  • Office of Global Programs – that’s my office which is responsible for the “global” academic centers.  Individual schools within the university also have their own study abroad or study away programs, some in the same location.  Our website with main office contact information is

  • Office of Global Services (OGS) – they will be your main contact in navigating the  immigration and visa process.  OGS will contact you with information on how to access GlobalChek Plus (GCP), a self-service immigration tool created to help users find specific and up-to-date visa and entry information for future study away travel.

  • Study Away Advisor –each program has someone in the New York office that is responsible for working with those students as they prepare for their semester abroad.

  • Admitted Students Blog – That’s what you’re reading now! We often reference the Admitted Students blog it has a list of to do’s, links to forms, and deadlines. It’s going to be your main sources of information so make sure you become familiar with it.

  • Student ID / N number – this is your identifying number and is how all of your information is linked within our systems.  Everyone was sent theirs in their acceptance email. Keep track of this since it’s basically your NYU Social Security number and will be entered in a ton of places.

  • Net ID – your net ID will be created once you have submitted your deposit and will be a combination of letters (your initials) and numbers.  It will become your NYU email address (sample: but you’ll have the opportunity to assign an alias if you want. More information about all that in later posts.

  • NYUHome ( is a web portal that provides access to many university services.  As a student participating in NYU Study Abroad, there are two services in particular that you will use:

  • NYU e-mail, which is where we will begin to send important announcements (you can set up mail forwarding to a different address if you prefer; for instructions, see here).

  • Albert, which you will use to register for classes (more info about registration to come!). It can be found under the “Academics” tab – click “Albert Login.”